our roots

Brooke Worley and Spencer DuBose are chefs living in Napa Valley. After experiencing fine dishes in different restaurants, they fell in love with the intricacy and beauty that food can form as a work of art on a plate. They then began growing their own ingredients in their backyard to add to their dishes. 

Spencer's Grandfather is a farmer who taught him the ways of plant-growing, while his father who has 20 years of experience working in nurseries, taught him the intimate process of nurturing plants. With this passed on knowledge, Brooke and Spencer are bringing sustainable practices to growing microgreens for restaurants.

The duo have chosen to specialize in growing microgreens because of the delicate touch, love and work that goes into growing small but beautiful plants for a delicious, artful meal. As chefs, they know that each ingredient matters. They call themselves 'The Little Guys' because they are two humble, yet passionate chefs who strive to bring a touch of natural beauty to your meal in a restaurant near you.